The Beard Brush 

The Beard Brush has always been a VERY popular gift! Especially during this upcoming gifting season! If you are debating on getting The Beard Brush for a bearded man in your life, rest assured they will LOVE it! We have received RAVING reviews as fathers, sons, brothers, boyfriends, and husbands have loved The Beard Brush with the ease, convenience, and practicality it brings to their life. Plus, during this season we are having our Anual Holiday Pre Sale! So, pick up a Beard Brush now before the sale ends!

The Original Beard Brush

Maintaining a good and well-kept beard can take a lot of time. Between oils, waxes, balms, picks, brushes, combs, and hair dryers. The Beard Brush™ takes away all the time and annoyance that come with the repetitive long routines we deal with daily.

Are you fed up with not being able to tame your bushy beard? Well, you’re not alone 89% of men say it’s their biggest frustration with their facial hair and 72% of women admitted they find untidy beards unattractive!

The Beard Brush™ Beard Straightener is the ultimate advantage in a world of average beards. Using a low profile design and heated technology, a thick, out of control beard can be transformed into a soft, smooth, and sophisticated look.

Combining the functionality of a hairbrush with the power of heat, The Beard Brush™ restores your beard to masculine, groomed perfection in just minutes. Join thousands of others discovering The Beard Brush™ and find out how it’s taken their beard game to the next level. 

The Beard Brush™ Features And Benefits

  • No Damage to beard: It uses negative ion technology to prevent heat damage. Comb daily for a healthy, polished look.
  • Heat barrier design: with revolutionary brushes that glide effortlessly across the face and scalp without harming the skin.
  • Long-lasting effortless style: Quality performance ensures that the styled result is long-lasting, easy to achieve and takes only minutes to touch up, even the roughest, coarsest hair.
  • Multi-use Beard and Head: When your beard is looking pristine, The Beard Brush™ is the perfect tool for straightening your hair and creating the ultimate hairstyle!
  • Quick heating: It gets heated within 15 seconds, thus an ideal tool for quick evening touch-ups.
  • Lightweight: Comfortable and controllable in hand for detailed styling.


How To Use Your Beard Brush™

  1. Make sure both hair and beard are about 90% dry before use.
  2. Simply plugin and turn your Beard Brush™ on.
  3. Wait three minutes for it to reach the optimum temperature of 120 degrees.
  4. Brush through hair and beard, going from roots to ends until the desired smoothness is achieved. Multiple passes through the same strands will not damage the hair.
  5. When finished, switch the beard straightener off and unplug it.
  6. Go show off your perfect beard!

The Beard Brush Is Rated 5 Stars By Tons Of Men Just Like You!


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