Get Buzzed Barber Beard Oil & Grooming Kit


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Premium Organic Beard & Mustache Grooming Care Kit for Men. Includes , Quality Pear Wood Brush & Comb, Australian Made Macadamia and Mandarin  Organic Beard Oil.


-Australian Made Beard Oil packed with moisturizers and nutrients, which contains organic Made Macadamia and Mandarin

Pear Wood Beard brush for old fashioned  feel 100% boar bristles for best results 

-Pear Wood comb that gives you perfect tooth spacing 

PU Leather Drawstring Carry Bag


Enjoy a soft, handsome beard and mustache with this premium Beard & Mustache Grooming & Care Kit for Men. This lets any man get a fuller, softer beard that looks perfectly combed, brushed, hydrated, with proper skin and hair nutrition. This kit makes a big difference in how great you will look. She’s going to notice. Be ready for the compliments.


FILLED WITH HERBAL GOODNESS – Our Australian Organic Ingredients Help promote improved hair growth with richer more youthful look. This goes deep to nourish skin for healthier roots. Helps moisturize your skin, beard, and mustache, even during dry winters and hot summers.

REAL WOOD BRUSH AND COMB – give you a classic look and feel. The brush has real optimum dense boar bristles to provide excellent results. This is the set you need in the morning to quickly look your best. Great for touching up after lunch and before an evening out.


Everything a man needs to have a handsome, healthy, perfectly groomed beard and mustache. This includes our Australian made Organic beard oil. Filled with organic herbal goodness that nourishes and moisturizes hair and skin. This not only makes your beard easier to groom, but also makes it more dense with richer, more youthful colour. We also include genuine wooden brush and comb. The brush has real 100% boar bristles for the best quality in the industry. 



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