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BAILI Silver Barber Double Edge Blade Safety Razor 11 Blades Included


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Premium high-end heavy duty ZAMAK Zinc Alloy material.
And with a brilliant chrome electroplated finish which provides a noble and elegant look.
Traditional razor offers old school and retro feel.
Butterfly open head design, easily and safe to change blades.
Microcomb system provides extra safety than the old designs during shaving.
Compare to electric shavers, manual razors make beard shaving perfectly clean;
And it’s easy to clean remained beard on razor head, give you more hygiene and health.
Comes with 11 pcs of Platinum+ blades that made from American Safety Razor Co.USA
Lifetime warranty for razor head and handle!!!

Package Content:
1x Safety Razor
11x Platinum+ Blades
1x Mirrored Travel Case
This Item is shipped Direct usually takes up to 2 weeks delivery for Australia


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