Matrix Biolage formulas differ from other brands because they use unique natural ingredients that are formulated based on science. As a result, they are thought to be equally as effective as their entirely synthetic counterparts, yet they are formulated to be gentler on sensitive skin. For those who are interested in leading more natural lifestyles, Matrix Biolage products are a perfect fit, as they don’t require men and women to sacrifice the look of their tresses to be a little greener.

Made up of a number of natural ranges, the Matrix Biolage hair care collection has solutions for virtually every hair care concern. Each range contains key natural ingredients to help you meet your beauty goals the more natural way. In the products, you’ll find extracts like orchid for color protection, moringa oil for shine, keratin for strength and aloe and passion fruit for moisturizing. The lines contain full regimens of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products to make developing a daily hair care regimen as easy as possible.

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